The Greenwood Group, LLC is a woman owned, full service landscape maintenance and installation company serving the St. Louis and St. Charles counties. Our success is built upon exceeding our clients expectations through quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and exceptional teamwork with a commitment to safety.

The Greenwood Group, LLC is proud to announce 10 years of operation in 2013.  We would like to recognize our employees and celebrate their importance in our growth through our first 10 years.  We attribute our survival and achievements to the loyalty and confidence of our clients.  The Greenwood Group, LLC looks forward to maintaining and improving your landscapes across St. Louis and St. Charles counties for many more years to come!

CLEAN AWARD WINNER – For their use of propane-powered equipment to replace gasoline or diesel fuel consumption, The Greenwood Group received the 2013 Missouri Propane Educational and Research Council (MO-PERC) Clean Awards – Community Leaders in Environmental Awareness Now.

Spring 2014

Spring is finally in site! We are gearing up for another great season and are anxiously waiting for winter to be over. With numerous spring services ahead we would like to take the time to talk about a few of these.

The timing of pre-emergent herbicide is crucial to ensure the appearance of a lawn throughout the course of the year. Pre-emergent applications prevent crabgrass germination prior to soil temperatures consistently reaching 55 degrees. As the soil temperatures rise, we will also start to see broadleaf weeds. Keep in mind, turf pre-emergent does not prevent broadleaf weeds in the lawn areas because most of these weeds already exist but are dormant through the winter months. Throughout April, we will be applying herbicide to control broadleaf weeds which include dandelions, henbit, chickweed, plantain, and clover. During spring lawn applications a lower rate of nitrogen is best so excessive top growth of the grass is not promoted. The turf will grow by itself just fine in the spring, heavy rates of nitrogen will only cause problems such as thatch and weak root systems. 

Mulch installation is another service we provide this time of the year for our clients. Mulching may seem like a simple task but it is important to take into account several factors before and during the installation of mulch. We see so many beds and tree rings in the area with an unnecessary amount of mulch. Some may think this is ok but too much mulch can harm your plant material. So during spring cleans ups and bed edgings, landscapers should take into account how much mulch is installed in their beds. If there is mulch piled around trunks of trees and crowns of plants, it should be removed or pulled away and cultivated in the bed. We should look at mulching as a top dress of a maximum of 2”. Remember, the mulch from the previous year hasn’t just disappeared and will still provide you with water retention and weed control. We are looking to refresh when mulching and if managed properly with cultivations through the season a top dress is all that is needed. 

We should all look to enjoy spectacular spring blooms this year! Since the Midwest did not experience extended warm temperatures this spring, flower buds did not break early and in turn did not get stunted by late freeze. The ornamental trees and shrubs will be able to flower to their fullest potential and will hopefully help us put the long cold winter months behind us.

Greenwood Goes Green

March 11, 2013 –In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we will be using propane fuel on our converted and newly purchased propane powered mowers. 

The Greenwood Group, LLC managers and ground service personnel are transitioning to propane fueled equipment as an environmentally sustainable fuel solution. This is the first step in providing complete environmentally conscious landscape management to St. Louis and St. Charles counties.


-GREEN Alternative Fuel
-Reduced Emissions by 70%-80%
-97% of propane is produced in North America
-Virtually no fuel vapors
-Propane cannot contaminate soil or ground water
-Efficient productivity

If you are a LEED certified entity, business, Federal or State agency, Municipality, College, School District, or a community striving for an environmentally responsible approach to maintaining your landscapes please contact our office to speak with a certified professional today!