What Makes Us Different

A Brief History
In 2003, The Greenwood Group LLC was founded by Joan and Pete Schepis with just a few residential accounts and a focus on high-quality & detailed service. With an exceptional knowledge of the industry, they have grown the business to become one of St. Louis’ top choices for landscape maintenance, design and installation. In 2008, The Greenwood Group transitioned to primarily a commercial maintenance company and continues to provide their customers with the same values, personal attention and quality service that the company was founded upon. Together, with their two sons, Pete Jr. and Nick, they have established a team of landscape professionals unmatched in the landscape industry.

Why The Greenwood Group LLC?

We are a certified landscape maintenance company, which is a title only 1% of all landscapers across the United States have achieved. Pete Schepis obtained the title of Landscape Industry Certified in 2005. Certification means the correct management and care for your property, a focus on safety, and our knowledge through ongoing education to improve your property.

When choosing The Greenwood Group as your landscape contractor, our certification gives you confidence that your job will be completed with a commitment to a higher standard of knowledge and execution. Our employees have taken their knowledge, skills and desire to the next level. Certified individuals represent an elite group. They demonstrate commitment to the industry and have an excellent understanding of managing your property to offer quality results. Our clients will agree that certification makes a difference!

A Standard of Quality
Hiring a Landscape Industry Certified professional gives you peace of mind in knowing that you are choosing someone with a distinguished level of professionalism and technical knowledge
to care for your landscape, lawn, or indoor/outdoor plants. A company with a certified staff member is invested in offering you:

The proper management
 and care of your property.        

Skilled execution of
 top-quality work.

An emphasized
 attention to safe handling of equipment and application of products to your property.

An up-to-date,
 ongoing education on current tools and techniques
to enhance the technical skills used to improve your project.